22 mars 2013

Altered Fabric Album Tutorial

Altered Fabric Album


Fabrics, lace,
Wooden parts, chip board,
Gray cardboard, scrap paper
self bookbinding cloth (8cm)
Linen tape or bookbinding cloth
Hot glue, Tacky Tape, bookbinding,
Material for decorating, such as Roses, ect


This guide shows the basic structure of the album. Interior Design then please - images that here.

First, you cut you a piece of leather. Mine is 17.5 x 56 cm + slope (my piece of leather was a remnant, so the slope - which you can also do differently).

My chipboard pages I have to cut the size 17 x 22 cm and then the same relation with scrap paper - I cut 6 sides. In addition, you need another 5 x 0.5 x 17 cm strip gray cardboard.

These are placed between the sides, and all fixed with 2 cm wide adhesive bookbinding line stripes. This is not very durable! It merely serves to fix - later comes to a 5 cm wide strip of linen over it. If you've stuck together all sides so on the back (the back) is an 8 x 17 cm wide piece of adhesive bookbinding cloth over it. see pictures

 Here you can see - unfortunately very bad - the bookbinding cloth at the back

 Before you begin with the inner sides, stuck installing a strip of 5 cm (at least 17 ​​inches long - longer if you want it to fray a bit, up and down) wide natural linen on the bookbinding cloth - see picture - and you take as an adhesive bookbinding

If your far since, can you make the inside pages. Only when everything is finished inside, the leather is glued around the outside.

 When you're done, you can make your interior - the result might look like:
Now comes the slightly tricky part. I have my leather a piece of lace sewn to the inclined side.

Then I have a solid back in one piece gray cardboard - cut 17.2 x 5 cm, which I have referred to the same self-adhesive bookbinding cloth. My piece I glued onto the leather, where even the back of my book is. You have to please the remeasure necessarily - for me it was at 22 cm from the straight edge. But this can vary depending on the thickness of the book. So: Must measure it!

I have fixed the whole thing with brackets, so that nothing can slip because I have often tried again after. I have stuck with bookbinding glue - holds everything very well!

 Having the button on the front as a closure (which, unfortunately, you must adapt itself - every book is different - everyone wants to have the button elsewhere) have adapted - here you can see only the threads at the bottom left - I have the front of the leather brushed with the inside with bookbinding glue and then glued onto the cardboard, which I had also brushed with bookbinding glue. Just as I have done this on the back of the book. Again, I've used again parentheses so nothing slips.

 Finally, I have over the button in the rollover cut a narrow lapel with the cutter.
The leather was used to stick well with stick-on letters and even a little picture I could still fit.
 Big hug

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  1. Andrea, das ist der helle Wahnsinn. Wunderbar, genial und eine sehr schöne Arbeit. Ich bin hin und weg! Das ist eine tolle Idee, für ein Album, das ich für einen ganz besonderen Menschen für einen ganz besonderen Anlass nacharbeiten werde. Ganz herzlichen Dank für die tolle Anleitung.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. So beautiful Andrea. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. Nicola x


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